Wednesday, January 9, 2008

day 1

Bedrest. Thankfully today was relatively uneventful. Though I'm pretty sure that was partially due to the whopping headache I've had all day. So I didn't do anything but really rest, and it has been all I've wanted to do. I slept for 2 hours this morning/afternoon. And a friend called to see how I was doing, which was really nice. My mom called to check in too. Apparently one of the women at her office had this happen once with her second pregnancy, and several times with her third, putting her on bedrest for a month and a half of her third pregnancy. I think she reassured my mom a bit, considering both of her kids were born at term, and are all healthy.

I called and ordered dinner a bit ago, so Nathan will pick that up on his way from getting Celia. I have to say that I love having a Red Robin so close by. Nothing like a good cheeseburger when you're having a rough week.

Today, I've had only 4 contractions, and only 2 of them were actually uncomfortable. I'm calling that a successful day. I'll be seeing the OB who I saw at the office yesterday, again on Friday. She was really nice and I liked her, so that's good. Though I am disappointed to have to cancel my appointment with my regular OB. I'll just make sure to see him at the next appointment I have to make.

They're home! Dinner time!