Tuesday, January 8, 2008

blah, blah, blah

I've been in a blah mood the last few days. I know a lot of it has to do with what's going on at work. And some of it has to do with things at home too. For some odd reason, Celia's been as near perfect as an almost 4 year old can be, with one exception. She's decided that peeing her pants is a good thing to do. So at home, she almost never has a dry day, and lately she's wet herself 4-5 times per day. Yesterday she even had an accident at school at naptime. And when I picked her up, she asked me to walk out first, so I knew that she had wet again. I made her go back in her classroom and go potty and change. So her teacher and friends knew what had happened. She didn't like that part, but I wasn't putting her in her carseat wet! Then I'd have to clean that too. No thank you! But at least for me, bedtime has been better. She's been listening a bit better, and been really nice to me. She even shared her pancake with me this morning- I was shocked!

Nathan and I have been getting along fine, but we haven't been communicating very well. He knows there are a few things that I've wanted to really talk about (like possibly moving this year, finding a name for baby). He had said later last week that we'd sit down and talk over the weekend. Which never happened. And of course, I'm trying not to bring it up (don't want to nag him too much), which annoys me even more when he doesn't. And even when we do talk, I'm the one doing 95% of the talking. He doesn't ever open his mouth, and when he does, he just says that he's overwhelmed by the idea of moving. And I get defensive and annoyed, because he's had months to think about it and get used to the idea. Every time I say things like "I hope this is the last Christmas we have to spend away from family", he never says anything, and basically rolls his eyes at me or changes the subject. Like that's not likely to happen.

Anyways, I haven't exactly been my usually cheery self lately, and it's showing. It's showing at work, in my interactions with Nathan and with Celia. I'm trying so hard not to let it show, but it's nearly impossible sometimes. Especially when I'm really tired.