Tuesday, January 8, 2008

That was a fun day!

NOT!! So I went to my OBs office and saw one of the other docs, who after taking some swabs and doing a cervix check, sent me straigt to the hospital. They gave me my records and a swab for the fetal fibronectin test. So off to H.oly Cr.oss I went! Of course, the beltway traffic sucked getting there, and having a woman who is having contractions in DC traffic is not the best idea. But I knew Nathan had to pick Celia up from school, so I just went it alone. I figured they'd hook me up, tell me it was nothing, and send me on my way. Until after about a half hour of monitoring, the lovely nurse tells me that I'm contracting every 2 minutes!! Of course, now that I'm laying down and have a monitor putting pressure on my belly, I can really feel the contractions. I know they weren't bad in the grand scheme of things (about a 4 on a scale of 1-10), but they were definitely freaking me out. Every 2 minutes! Thankfully they weren't productive at all (cervix is high and closed). So they gave me an IV and hydrated me for an hour (which didn't help with the contractions), and then gave me a shot of Ter.butaline. That finally slowed them down to every 5-6 minutes. Then a second shot got them to stop completely. After they got back my bloodwork/urinalysis results (both fine/negative), they sent me home. I got there at 3:30 and got sent home around 8:15. Not my idea of a fun evening. I get to go to my OB's office again on Friday for another check, and to talk about things, and until then- I'm on bedrest. So not excited about that, but whatever it takes to keep this kiddo inside is what I'm going to do.

So that was my afternoon. I'm SO glad to be home, and am going to drink so much water I'm that I'll be in the bathroom constantly. Now I'm tired and am going to bed.