Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2 hours

I have my fetal echo/ultrasound in just 2 hours! Celia was up at 5:30 (thirsty), and came into bed with us. The only thing she'd talk about was seeing the baby, and going to Buffalo. It was really cute! We're heading straight out from the appointment, so I won't be able to update until at least tonight (if my mom's neighbor still has unprotected wireless). I'm pretty sure they're doing a full blown growth ultrasound too, so hopefully we'll be able to find out what we're having this time. But I'm not optimistic. Either way is good with me, I'm not picky.

I am really looking forward to heading up to Buffalo for a bit. Saturday my mom is taking Celia and my two cousins to see The Nutcracker, and no parents are allowed. ;) So Nathan and I will get a much needed break. I can't wait. We haven't been out together since July 3rd, when we were in Canandaigua.

Too cute- we're watching Sesame Street, and the letter of the day is "N". So Cookie Monster is trying to eat it, and Prarie Dawn is using "N"- words. Celia looks at me, and says "KNIT!". That's my girl!! Too bad the english language is so messed up that there are silent letters.

I'm off!!!