Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Auctions are FUN!!

My friend and I shared at able at a Holiday Shoppe a few weeks back (right before my trip to Cali). Last night, was the auction to generate money for the Damascus Y-women, which all goes back to the community. So, I went to see what was up for bidding. There was both a silent and a live auction, and I had a blast! I ended up bidding on a few things, and winning a few things. One of my favorite things is a 3-hours with an organizational specialist, to help me organize 1 room in our home. Now if you have seen my office, you'd realize that it's a complete disaster zone!! Seriously. It's a big mess. So bad, that this morning, I closed the door on it so that the cleaning lady wouldn't go in. It's that bad. And that disorganized. Now, every so often I spend a few hours clearing out crap, and putting things away in a way that makes sense to me, but I know the flow is all wrong. So, I'm excited for this extra help! I also got a gift basket that's for a baby girl (in case, but it'll probably be for a friend who's having a baby), a gift basket for Celia, a Tea gift basket, some Arbonne cleanser/hand lotion (which I'm so excited about- my hands are such a mess!), a 8x8 scrapbook, that's already designed and put together so all I have to do is add pictures, and a hand painted piggy bank for Celia for christmas. She's going to go crazy when she sees it- she's been wanting one for quite a while now. I'm really excited about the scrapbook too. I love to scrapbook but haven't had time lately. And, it was done by the Creative Memories consultant that I have, and she's incredible. ;) Needless to say, I got some great stuff, gave back to the community at the same time.

Now I'm feeling like total crap, and wish I could stay home. You know that feeling, like there's a bubble in your chest, and you're just waiting for it to burst (usually involving puking)? That's how I feel this morning. And all last night as I was sleeping. Unfortunately, I have to work from home tomorrow, so today wasn't an option at all. I just get to sit here, work away, and feel like i"m going to hurl all day. I couldn't eat breakfast this morning- but did manage a cup of tea. Not sitting very well though. We'll see how the day goes.