Monday, November 12, 2007


Well, I've been trying really hard to get more rest, and I think I'm actually succeeding a bit! I had a nice, low-key weekend, and was able to sleep, relax, yet still have fun! Saturday was spent with my friend Rachel (who lives in Fredericksburg), and it was awesome! We all grabbed lunch, and then just relaxed and chatted all afternoon. It was so great!

Yesterday, I met up with some of the DC SQ's at Starbucks. It was fantastic to see everyone again, and meet Deanna too! It was great to sit and chat, for 3 whole hours! Again, relaxing, yet fun!

I also managed to get over to Harry and David to pick up some of the Onion and Pepper relish, that makes the most amazing dip for tortilla chips (half a jar, and a brick of cream cheese, blend it up, and YUM!). Anyway, it's my mom's favorite, and I try to get some whenever I'm near the store. I called her on my way in, and she said that she actually had JUST used up her last jar, so it worked out perfectly! I even had a nice, quiet lunch by myself at Noodles and Co. before heading over to the meetup at Starbucks.

And, of course, I had another Gingerbread latte. This makes only 1 day since last thursday that I haven't had one yet. Today will make another. Can't splurge that often!! However, I did forget my CPK leftovers for lunch today, so I do have to run across the street to grab some lunch. I am bummed that I have to work today, when my husband has off, but- at least he's at home getting work done! The toilet in Celia's bathroom seems to be leaking, so he's going to check the seal and replace if necessary. And, he's getting the guest room ready to paint it for the little one's arrival! I can't believe it's only 16 weeks away. I'm still amazed.