Friday, November 16, 2007

Why I hate going home for the holidays.

I love Buffalo, in fact, I can't wait to move back in a year or so. Yes, it's cold, and they get a lot of snow, but that makes it even more fun. Snowmen, sledding, snow forts, snowdays, sweaters, excuses to make more sweaters! Lots of fun. And I hate the cold.

At any rate, we're heading up immediately after my ultrasound on wednesday. I've been looking forward to this trip for many reasons! I get to see my mom and stepdad, my dad, do some relaxing, talk with a builder or two about possibly building a house to see how feasible it is, maybe look at some neighborhoods and towns. Especially if we're planning on moving in the fall next year. It will be at least May before we get up there again, and then we'd have 3-4 months to find a place or start the process. Not exactly useful. So, I want to get started now. And I thought we both agreed that this was the plan.

Now come to Wednesday. Nathan's dad calls to see what our plans are for the weekend, and see if we can get together. I had actually spoken with his mom last week (or maybe 2 weeks ago), when she called while I was at work. I had told her that we were pretty full, but that we could possibly do something Friday provided they would come to us. I'm tired. I don't want to spend all weekend in the car. I want to have some down time. I NEED TO REST MORE (see my last OB appointment's post- he even told me to get more rest). Well, she wasn't sure if she was working or not, so that probably wouldn't work. He says that he's thinking of meeting his parents for breakfast on Thanksgiving. The day which I had previously said was not a good day. I have to help my mom cook (which I love to do- really- I'm not complaining here), and wanted Celia to help me too. She's such a great helper, and loves to be in the kitchen with me. So I told him that it wasn't going to work. Then this morning, he asks for my dad's phone number, so he can call him to find out when were getting together on Friday. I had also told him that my dad hadn't figured that out yet. He started seeing someone, and was thinking it might be nice if we could meet her since we'll be in town. But wasn't sure if that was going to work, or if it was a good idea, or what her schedule was like. She also has 2 kids. So, I told him this, and he's getting SO defensive. Now I did say that I didn't think we'd have time this visit to get out there. And that I didn't want to be driving all over the place. So he says that he'll just take Celia and go- leaving me at my mom's all alone. Now, some would think this was ideal. But it's not!! We've been up there SEVERAL times this year (like 5), and every time, we've gotten together with them. Even though we had weddings, and I had showers, and parties, and friend stuff I was at. He made it possible. This one time, that I feel strongly against putting anything else into our schedule, he's being a brat about it. I told him at least 3 months ago to arrange something for friday, so they'd come to us and we could do lunch. But he didn't. He forgot. In fact, he doesnt' even remember the conversation. I do, vividly. It's no secret that my MIL stresses me out. And I was very proud of myself for bringing it up to him, before he could ask me about it.

And the funniest part- when we were on vacation in Canandaigua this summer, (Finger lakes, about a half hour from his parents), he didn't want to call them to get together. AND I asked him about it at least 3 different times. He wasn't interested.

I'm angry, and annoyed, and frustrated with my husband. And I'm tired, because I had to pee a lot last night (which took enough time to wake me fully each time, so I could collect and save it for my test. NOT happy today.