Thursday, November 1, 2007

OB appt.

I had my next OB appointment this morning, which was a really good thing. After the little "episode" during my walking tour, I was a bit freaked about this shortness of breath thing. We talked a bit, and he seems to think it's all normal. But if the "feeling like I'm going to pass out" happens again, I am to call him immediately. He said that it's my body telling me to slow down and rest more. Not quite sure how the heck I can possibly rest more? I get home from work, lay down on the couch while Celia watches TV. Nathan's been taking over most of the cooking and cleaning. He lets me rest loads on weekends, and takes Celia out to have fun so I can have some quiet. I get tons of rest! I guess we'll have to figure something out though...because I can't function for the next 18 weeks feeling like this. I get up and walk up the stairs, I'm out of breath. I run to the bathroom at work, I'm out of breath. I run to answer the phone at home, I'm out of breath. I go for a walk at work, I'm out of breath, and have trouble talking and walking at the same time. Not such a good thing!

Anyways, the rest was good. I get to do the 24 hour "collection" in 2 weeks, which will make my high risk doc happy. It's going to be gross...peeing in a cup is something I hate. And to have to do it for a whole day just really sucks. But, I should have the results before I go in for my next appointment with the high risk doc, so she'll be happy.

The only other thing I learned, was that apparently in August, my pap came back funny. Not abnormal, but inconclusive. He said it's probably that they didn't have enough cells to run the lab tests. So, I get to have another one at my next appointment. Joy of joys! Another thing to think about.

Now...I'm off to get some work done. And, try to figure out how to get more rest. Any suggestions?