Friday, November 2, 2007

damn airplanes

I love to travel. Truly! But the one thing I hate is what happens after I'm off an airplane, about 50% of the time. I woke up this morning with a horrible headache and sore throat. And I'm congested. Blech. I'm so not happy right now. And something they don't warn you about, is that when you're pregnant and get sick, it really sucks. You know normally, when you've got a cold or sore throat, it's usually worse at night? Well, picture the "worst" part, and that's how you feel most of the time. Yet it still manages to get worse at night anyways, even though you can't possibly imagine feeling any worse. It just happens. And it sucks. I slept in until 8, but did have to go to work, so I'm here. Running scripts and analyzing the data. Trying to figure things out when my head is in such a fog that I just want to put it down and close my eyes. I feel like total and complete shit. Thankfully, it's friday and tomorrow is the weekend!

Oh, and another thing?? Nathan mentioned when I got home that there might be something wrong with the washing machine, and to pay attention when I ran it. As if I remembered! When he put my clothes in the dryer, there was a layer of water at the bottom, and he had to wring things out. Apparently he looked into it, and it's the agitator. We know this machine is probably 7 or so years old, and that when we bought the house, the previous owner had just had something fixed with it. What, I'm not sure (I seem to remember it being something with the automatic shutoff when you open the lid?), is what the problem is. So, instead of pouring money into it, we decided to buy a new one. Not the one I really want, because we're not staying in this house forever, but a simple unit. Can you believe that the cheapest washer we found with a delicate cycle was nearly 400? Granted, we didn't shop in store, we spent 10 minutes looking into washers last night (thankfully I forgot to cancel my Consumer Reports online membership, so it was easy to find a model we liked. We chose, bought and paid for it in under 10 minutes. Without leaving the house. See, it's all in my attempts to get more rest. Right! But at least we saved $70 (it was on sale through Nov. 1st), AND, it will be delivered tomorrow. So we can still do our laundry this weekend! I'm so thrilled about this, you have no idea.