Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Phew- edited.

I just called the OBs office back, and it looks like my results were all normal, with the exception of one. He also had my iron level checked. Which is good! Because apparently I need some help in that department. I'm to take an iron supplement twice a day now, which should hopefully help with my energy levels. I knew it was a problem, so I'm glad he had that checked as well. Maybe it was my comment on my way out of my visit last time about being concerned that I almost passed out on the streets of San Francisco?

So anyone who has saw my blog last night may have seen a rather nasty post at the bottom of the one about our trip to Buffalo tomorrow. I completely flipped when Nathan said that his dad wasn't coming to Buffalo, but that Nathan was going to take Celia and go to Rochester. I was really upset, and not at all happy about this. I went to bed early, and then when Nathan came in, he woke me up by being loud and using the bathroom light without closing the door, and without using the dimmer. Needless to say I had cried myself to sleep, finally, and was woken up by him with the light, making noise getting ready for bed. So I got up, and went in the living room after it was clear that I was not going to get any sleep. Watched TV for about an hour, and tried to sleep again. I didn't sleep well at all. I was angry and frustrated, especially since he knew how I felt about going out there. We talked this morning. I think he understands better where I'm coming from, and he said he'd talk to his dad. So we'll see if things will change or not. I just really want to spend time with them over holiday weekend. And the idea of him spending over 2 hours in the car, and several hours in Rochester, while leaving me back at my mom's house really upset me. I know there's no logic to it, and I'm being completely unreasonable, but I'm tired! And want to be with my child and husband! I don't mind being left behind for 2 hours, but considering that's the time it takes to drive there, add at least 2 to that.

EDITED: My husband spoke with his dad, who is now going to come to Buffalo to meet up with us. This makes things so much easier all around. And I really do appreciate it. Just 3 hours left of work before the holiday!! Yeah!!
AND: I'm so glad I'm not losing my mind. I knew I should not be as tired as I have been. I'm glad there's actually a reason!!