Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, I think we're finally starting to figure out a plan for this weekend regarding my in-laws. Though I still don't know what it is. This weekend they were in Philly so my FIL could run the marathon there, so they should get back to us tonight. We'll be meeting up with my dad for dinner on Friday night. Leaving most of the day on Friday open. So, I suggested to his dad the other day, that they come out to us either for breakfast or lunch. I know my MIL is working, but my FIL isn't. So, I then said, that I'm tired. I'm feeling pretty crappy, and don't want to sit in a car any longer than I have to. So, if he doesn't want to come to us, I guess Nathan and Celia can go to them, leaving me by myself back at my mom's house. Not happy about that option etiher, but at least it gets me out of going. Though it does suck because I won't have a car so I'd really have to stay put. Relaxing wouldn't be bad though. Then I'd just be paranoid about Nathan and Celia on I-90 getting into an accident. Gotta love my mind- I'm suddenly paranoid again about such things. It's definitely been a while since I worried like that.

At least, on the plus side, I have less than a day and a half left to work before we hit the road. And, I have an acupuncture appointment tonight. Which I'm really looking forward to.

And a sick thought- I was looking at houses in Buffalo again (wishful thinking, since my husband is no where near ready to move yet), and I found a great house, with a huge yard, 4 bedrooms, an updated kitchen with stainless, and it only cost $152K. Let's just say you can't buy a condo in the DC area for that. The cheapest single family house I"ve seen that wasn't trashed, was around 450K. Just sick. Why can't we move yet?!

EDITED: Ok, so apparently Nathan will be taking Celia to Rochester some time friday.