Monday, November 12, 2007

Traveling DVD.

When I was at the DC get together the other day, Karen passed on the Traveling DVD with Jenna's appearence on Oprah. I was going to take it into the bedroom and watch it on my laptop, but when I told my husband what I was going to watch, he offered the TV. And, he watched it with me (shock!!). All I can say is wow. Jenna handled herself so amazingly. I had tears in my eyes as she went into her story. So many of the things she talked about, sounded so familiar to my life. The house with extra bedrooms, driving the SUV, the shame. I'm right there with you. And then the after show. I was sitting here, thinking- enough already!! Let go and let god?? WTF?? I understand the concept of coming to peace with things, and that life doesn't always work out how you plan. But when it comes to children, and whether you can have them, or not, or whether to adopt, or live child free, it's not that easy. Not even close. It's not a choice, it's not something you can just let go. Yes, life happens, and we have to deal with it. Sometimes it's more realistic than others. Sometimes it's just not possible to let go.

My husband's comments were really interesting. To the actual segment, he said that O didn't seem to have any understanding of the questions that she asked. After watching the after show, he said that he was really glad that I don't watch O.prah. And he felt that she was awfully preachy (which I completely agree with). I'm also glad I don't watch this show at all. In fact, this was the first episode I've ever seen, and I won't be surprised if it's the last.

Thank you Jenna for putting yourself out there like that, and for sharing your story. I applaud your strength and courage. And really hope that the adoption process goes quickly for you.